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Elegant. Sculpted. Powerful. Even more powerful performance. Our folding props deliver unparalleled performance, matching and bettering fixed two-blade props. Since1964 we have continually refined and upgraded the Martec folding prop.

We have redefined the concept of low-drag sailboat propellers, creating a family of folding, feathering and fixed blade props. We've literally changed the expectations for sailboat auxiliary power and sailing performance. Today, Martecs power both maxi sleds and hardcore world cruisers. We've been around the world in the Whitbread, and we're even found on auxilliary/emergency wing engines aboard large ocean-crossing power yachts. Anywhere at sea where performance is important you'll find a Martec prop.


Our Mark III is the third generation of Martec folding props. And it's the lowest drag sailboat propeller anywhere. Thirty years of continuous development and improvement has resulted in a folding propeller with the lowest drag under sail. It's absolute simplicity insures maximum reliability. The proof is in the use: the Mark III is the most widely sold, widely used low drag prop of the last thirty five years.

It's unique blade shape provides reverse performance comparable to a fixed, two blade prop. Originally developed for IOR racing boats, the Mark III both reduces drag and improves reverse thrust. The Mark III fulfills all its design goals. and then some.

The Mark III's incredible efficiency means you can stop five knots of forward speed in just one and a half boat lengths. Cruisers looking to significantly shorten the time for their sailing passages and for low cost and the utter reliability of elegant simplicity pick the Mk III to carry them around the world. Experienced circumnavigators like renowned author, lecturer and cruising expert Hal Roth insist on sailing and powering with the Mark III.

. Refined blade design maximizes forward and reverse thrust . Sailing speed gains of one-half to three-quarter knots over fixed two-blade and three-blade props
. Cast in high strength marine bronze . One year warranty backed by thirty five years of sales and service
. Monel pivot pins for improved anti-corrosion .  
. Monel fasteners .  
. Lowest drag of any available folding propeller

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